About Malaysian CEP


“Humanistic Care When It Matters Most”


The College promotes the provision of highest quality of emergency care and advocates for the interests of emergency physicians, their patients and the general public in terms of such care.

Vision Statement

  • All emergency physicians are members of College of Emergency Physicians.
  • Emergency Medicine in Malaysia is recognized as a world-class service and highly valued as an essential public service.
  • Malaysia has the highest standard of emergency physicians that function with effective emergency care system to provide best emergency care.
  • The working environment for emergency care is safe with appropriate space and well-equipped with optimal best quality of tools and equipments.
  • The Emergency Medicine fraternity showcases sizeable, impactful, high quality researches, publications, guidelines and creative solutions in emergency medicine.
  • The Emergency Medicine fraternity in Malaysia is extremely cohesive, united and one in prospering and enriching the care for the country.
  • Malaysia's Emergency Medicine is a strong advocate for human values, ethical practice and positive working environment.
  • Emergency staff functions with positivity, non-hierarchical manner with sound mental wellness while enriching and prospering one another in all aspects of care.
  • Emergency staff has good moral, attitude, discipline and sense of unity and exemplary teamwork.
  • Emergency care is mandated with good fund by both the government and insurance in ensuring access for quality emergency care.
  • Sufficient resources are available in terms of pathway, human, financial and equipments for the training of emergency physicians and staff for the needs of the specialty and all current and future subspecialties.
  • Malaysian emergency physicians contribute and lead internationally in emergency care expertise, as well as providing global platforms for scientific sharing for the world emergency medicine community.

Statement of Values

  • Quality emergency care is a basic right and accessible to all in need.
  • There shall always be relentless and continuous development, refinement and elevation of standard of care in tandem with the most up-to-date international emergency care.
  • Emergency physicians providing care in Malaysia are trained in approved programmes either locally or internationally, fulfilling all appropriate requirements.
  • Quality emergency care is provided by qualified and credentialed emergency physicians from approved training programmes.
  • Best emergency patient care is provided in a fair, equitable and supportive environment.
  • Malaysian emergency physicians exercise and display highest ethics in both professional and personal life.
  • Malaysian emergency physicians inspire good values, work culture, success and nurture supportive environment for all to grow with no limits.
  • Emergency physicians collaborate, synergize and co-operate as a cohesive team in furthering achievements in emergency care and beyond.
  • Emergency physicians pre-emptively strategize and prepare for the future with anticipated needs ahead of time.
  • Emergency physicians proactively play the role of safety and emergency prevention.
  • Emergency physicians treat their jobs as a calling and put their head, hands and heart for the care of patients during every emergency.