Emergency Trauma Care

ETC SIG conducts a three-year structured and supervised subspecialty training program for emergency physician of Malaysian Ministry of Health.

ETC Subspecialty Training Program trains an emergency physician to acquire in-depth knowledge in all clinical aspects of trauma, trauma systems development, advanced trauma clinical care, and advanced clinical procedural interventions prudent to improve the overall trauma management at all clinical stages while reducing gaps in the pathway of trauma care within the entire health care system.

It prepares a candidate to provide advanced level clinical care for all trauma patients by contributing to clinical care improvements from initial patient encounter at pre-hospital, Emergency Department up to pre-surgical or pre-Intensive care phase which complements the services of other specialties, improving the overall clinical outcomes of all trauma patients.

Training is conducted at busy tertiary emergency departments of Sungai Buloh Hospital, Kuala Lumpur Hospital and Johor Bharu Sultanah Aminah Hospital including an overseas attachment.

Four ETC Subspecialty Training Program graduates are providing services as Trauma Physicians at Sungai Buloh Hospital, Kuala Lumpur Hospital and Johor Bharu Sultanah Aminah Hospital.

Activities & Events

  1. Courses
  • Abbreviated Injury Score (AIS) and Malaysian Trauma Registry Workshop
  • Trauma Life Support Malaysia Provider Training
  • Trauma Life Support Malaysia Training of Trainer
  • Kursus Pemantapan Perawatan Pesakit Trauma (PPW & PPK)
  • Trauma Cadaveric Procedural Skills Workshop
  • Trauma Team Challenge
  1. Conferences
  • Malaysia Trauma Conference (MTC)
  1. Continuous Medical Education (CME)
  • National Monthly Trauma Series CME
  • Regional Trauma Series CME
  • Trauma Education Week
  1. Competition
  • Trauma Team Challenge
  1. Professional Training Affiliation
  • Trauma Medicine Subspecialty Training Program
  • Emergency Trauma Care Clinical Short Course (1-3 months)
  • Advance Diploma in Emergency Care for Trauma (ADEC)
  1. Protocol and Guidelines Development
  • Whole Body Computed Tomography in Trauma
  • Use of Tranexamic Acid in Pre Hospital Trauma Care
  • Abbreviated Westmead Post Traumatic Amnesia assessment in mild traumatic brain injury
  • Prehospital Notification and Trauma Team Activation
  • Tertiary Trauma Survey
  • Clinical Approach of Anticoagulation Management in Emergency Trauma Care
  • Targeted Transfusion Protocol
  • Massive Transfusion Protocol in collaboration with National Patient Blood Management Committee

SIG Committee

Dr Shah Jahan Bin Mohd Yussof
Vice Chair
Dr Ahmad Ibrahim Bin Kamal Batcha
Dr Natalie Chew Bee Kuan
Dr Shamila binti Mohamad Ali
Associate Organization
MASCOT (Malaysia Society for The Care of Trauma)