Established in 2013, toxicology SIG assembles a group of clinicians who completed or are interested in pursuing a formal clinical toxicology training program.

The Tox SIG’s main role is to increase awareness and knowledge on management of clinical toxicology cases. The Tox SIG’s is working to introduce and establish the clinical toxicology training as a recognized emergency medicine subspecialty in Malaysia.

Activities & Events

  1. Conduct annual clinical toxicology course.
  2. Regular toxicology, inter-specialty, and international webinar series.
  3. Create monographs of common poisonings as reference for clinicians.
  4. Introduction pathway for emergency physicians interested in pursuing clinical toxicology subspecialty.
  5. Conduct conferences and scientific meetings in collaboration with the Asia Pacific Association of Medical Toxicology (APAMT).
  6. Increase public awareness on common poisoning in Malaysia in collaboration with National Poison Centre.

SIG Committee

Dr Ranjini Sivaganabalan
Vice Chair
Dr Anisah Adnan
Dr Ong Sook Har
Dr Darin Kwanhathai Wong
Associate Organization
Toxinology SIG Malaysia, Asia Pacific Association of Medical Toxicology